The Indie Manifesto

A Tale of Freedom, Struggle, and the Pursuit of Passive Income

Once upon a time, in the vast realm of the Internet, a group of brave souls embarked on a journey to create a new way of life. They called themselves "Indie Hackers."

Chapter 1: The Dream

The Indie Hackers dreamt of a world where they could build sustainable, lifestyle businesses that supported their lives while enjoying complete freedom. With nothing but a laptop and their coding skills, they ventured forth to conquer the world.

Chapter 2: The Reality

However, the world wasn't as simple as they imagined. Finding the perfect product-market fit, learning the ins and outs of marketing, and trying to balance work and life became daily challenges. The Indie Hackers soon realized that their quest was a lot harder than they initially thought.

Chapter 3: The Struggle

Undeterred, the Indie Hackers pressed on. They faced countless sleepless nights, last-minute pivots, and failed launches. Yet, they still believed in the dream of financial independence and continued to learn from their mistakes.

Chapter 4: The Growth

As time went on, the Indie Hackers began to find success. They created products that people loved, built communities around their work, and started earning passive income that supported their desired lifestyle.

Chapter 5: The Manifesto

Inspired by their journey, the Indie Hackers decided to share their wisdom and experiences with the world. They crafted the Indie Manifesto, a set of principles that would guide others on their own path to freedom ↓

The manifesto says:

"We do this not because it is easy, but because we thought it would be easy"

Created by @daniel_nguyenx and BoltGPT 🤖